Commissions and What TTC Clients Pay

By Eli Sallman on February 10, 2017

Stock trades for only $6.95 per trade!!!  Sounds like a fantastic deal!

What do The Trust Company clients pay?

If you have watched any TV commercials, you probably have seen online trading platforms advertising low commission rates in the range of $5-7 per trade. For some investors this can be a great deal; especially if you are a buy-and-hold investor. However, if you are an active trader or want to adjust your portfolio to current market conditions, these commission rates can add up quickly. 

The Trust Company's Investment Management Team
At The Trust Company we do not charge commissions. As we are managing our clients’ accounts, we have negotiated with our trading partners to trade at $0.01 - $0.015 per share with a $0.00 minimum. In a client account, if we buy 100 shares of a stock, the transaction cost will be $1.00-$1.50. If we buy 50 shares the transaction cost would be $0.50. The lower trading cost lowers the hurdle to better returns.

We believe that not charging commission puts us on the same side of the table as our clients. When we need to make trades in our client accounts it is in their best interest—not to increase our profits through generating commissions.

Some firms charge their clients commissions in addition to a base fee. We do not feel this is in your best interest. While we are not the best fit for those wanting to be active traders, we are a great fit for those who want a partner in managing their wealth.