Lori Coleman

Lori Coleman

Account Administrator

Email: loric@thetrustco.com

A former court reporter and right-hand woman to a judge, Lori Coleman has an almost (but not quite) scary attention to detail and a heart for service.

Working from the Manhattan office, Lori does dual duty as Account Administrator for the Williams Team, and for our Southwest Region's Thompson Team. She handles many administrative responsibilities for clients, such as setting up accounts and monitoring payments. She is a graduate of the Trust School of the Schools of Banking.

Lori and her husband, Doug, love to travel (she recommends that you fly Qantas — so comfortable) and she’s an avid gardener. However, she doesn’t have to travel far to see son, Scott, daughter, Hayley, or the grandkids, who all live in Kansas.

Lori is fierce about her work and proud to be at The Trust Company. She claims to have made an error shortly after starting, and took it hard. But when CEO Mark Knackendoffel stopped by her desk afterwards, he just asked her what she’d learned, and they calmly discussed the incident together. Loyalty earned.

Lori’s motto:

“There is no such thing as ‘that’s not my job.’”

She is a stockholder of The Trust Company.