Stacy Smith

Stacy Smith

Account Administrator


Call: 785-320-4213

A 2021 addition to our Manhattan team, Stacy brings a unique background in education to her role as Account Administrator, caring for client Wealth Management and Trust accounts.

Stacy studied English & Secondary Education at Sam Houston State University/University of Houston, in Houston, TX. While raising her family in Oklahoma, Stacy taught 7th through 12th grades, then worked on two federal grants at Eastern Oklahoma State College. She was instrumental in securing and launching the “Pathways to Success” Title III Grant, which aimed to transform the college’s system of supporting students for academic success, as well as increase enrollment and graduation rates.

“I thrive in an environment where relationship-building is paramount, and I can satisfy my passion for helping clients—being there for them when they need a helping hand.”

Stacy’s favorite thing is family time. She has six kids (two still in school), and she’s been blessed with two stepchildren and two granddaughters through her recent marriage. Her husband, Jason, is President & CEO of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce. Stacy is a proud breast cancer survivor and vocal advocate for early screening.