Anne Lewis-Smith

Anne Lewis-Smith

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Call: 785-320-4210

Wichita native Anne Lewis-Smith has been with the Manhattan office of The Trust Company since 1998, and is in charge of all internal operations, providing the advisors, investment managers and support staff with the capacity to fully serve client needs. She earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from K-State. She has completed the Advanced Trust School of the Schools of Banking.

Her favorite days are “busy, busy, busy, with no down time,” at the end of which, she’s completed a project that impacts other people in the office.

“My clients are my colleagues. My job is to make their job easier, so they can serve our clients better.”

Anne is number five of eleven siblings, and she claims that her cookie bribes make her “the favorite aunt.” A family organizer and leader, she may be a bit sarcastic (but only her mom really thinks so).

Anne is into live music and has a goal to visit all 50 states (with stops to see every NBA team play). She finds humor in almost any situation, and loves to make people laugh.

She and her husband, John, an architectural engineer, have one daughter, Morgan, who’s a dentist in Manhattan.

She is a stockholder of The Trust Company.