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Please use the client login to access your account online (you will be directed to The Trust Company's Infovisa Client Portal). If you do not yet have an online login, please contact your account administrator at The Trust Company, who will set up an account for you with a user ID and temporary password.

Client Account Login


Conversion of Mutual Funds to ETFs
You may notice that some Vanguard fund names are now denoted as "ETF." The funds and their managers have not changed, but because of a shift in the industry from Mutual Funds toward Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), our trading partner has developed a one-day settlement process for our ETF trades. This opportunity, in turn, allows us to commingle ETF and Mutual Fund trades on the same (1-day) settlement date. ETFs also add some trading efficiencies and increase the pool of managers we can access when designing client portfolios. Our trading partner also allows us to buy fractional shares of ETFs, which helps us fine-tune asset allocations in all portfolios and removes barriers to entry for smaller portfolios. Please note that this swap to the ETF version of each mutual fund is a "tax-free conversion," so no taxable capital gains have been incurred. This whole process allows us to be more efficient and drive trading costs even lower. Please contact your Wealth Advisor if you have any questions.


Client Portal Upgrade Implemented May 01, 2019

We have partnered with our software provider, Infovisa®, to implement exciting improvements on The Trust Company’s Client Portal.  Using the newest available technology, this upgrade provides an intuitive user experience, enhanced functionality, and a responsive design that optimizes the layout to the screen size of your device.

As of May 1, only the new Client Portal is available, and may be accessed at or by clicking the blue button above. Your existing User Name, Password and security questions do not change. If you have the old website bookmarked or saved as a favorite, please update it with the new website address listed above.

If you have questions regarding these changes, please call us at (785) 537-7200 or (800) 285-7878.

If you do not yet have an online login, please contact your account administrator at The Trust Company, who will set up an account for you with a user ID and temporary password. See registration information.


Registration Instructions

For first-time users, click the client account login button and enter your user ID and temporary password. You will then be taken through several steps to register your account, and will only need to complete this registration process once.

Forgotten Password

If you cannot remember your password, click on "Forgot Password" on the sign-in screen and a recovery token will be emailed to the email address listed in your profile. After being generated, the recovery token is only active for 15 minutes, so please check your email immediately.

Electronic Statements

Electronic statements are available on our website for one year. We encourage you to save statements to your own computer. The annual cumulative statement is available in mid-January each year, and includes all transactions for the previous calendar year. Please contact us with questions about saving your statements.

TRUSTtrak App

TRUSTtrak is a mobile application for both Apple and Android devices. Once downloaded from the app store on your device, you will need to enter your registration key, found in the Client Portal under Settings/Mobile, along with your username and password. The TRUSTtrak app allows you to quickly view portfolio balances and other account information from your phone or tablet.