Mark Knackendoffel, J.D.

Mark Knackendoffel

President and CEO


Call: 785-320-4205

Mark founded The Trust Company in 1992.

He began his career in trust and investment management in 1983 after earning his juris doctor and MBA from the University of Kansas. He is also a graduate of Emporia State University with a bachelor’s in Public Administration and Economics.

He formerly managed the Trust and Investment Department for First National Bank of Manhattan and was also Vice President of Commerce Bank and Trust of Topeka before founding The Trust Company.

“We formed The Trust Company because I wanted to create a local, independent company that would allow us to design and guide the delivery of services that I felt clients deserve. Our culture, values and independence really resonate with our clients.”

His roles with The Trust Company include overall strategic and corporate management, fiduciary client service, and investment policy oversight.

Mark and his wife, Ann, a professor at Kansas State University, have three children, Ellen, Paul and Francie. They’re also enjoying their status as new “empty-nesters.”

Mark and Ann are very active with numerous civic, social and charitable causes. In their spare time, they love gardening and tending to their historic home adjacent to the K-State campus. Mark has also become recognized locally for his backyard whole hog roasts, which he puts to good use, donating them to raise money for many worthy local charity events.

Mark is the largest stockholder of The Trust Company and a member of the Board of Directors.

Oh, and you pronounce it, “Kuh-NOCK-un-doff-el.”