Michelle Duggan

Michelle Duggan

Trust Operations Officer

Email: michelled@thetrustco.com

Call: 785-320-4202

Michelle joined the Manhattan office of The Trust Company in 1992 and is the longest-serving employee, having worked with CEO Mark Knackendoffel since 1989 in a previous job. As part of the Operations Team, some of her responsibilities include transfers, daily account balancing and IT functions. She has completed the Advanced Trust School of the Schools of Banking.

Michelle considers herself to be a very “structured” person, a definite asset in her position.

“My job is to do the back-office work so that the teams can spend more time helping and working with their clients.”

A K-State fan with a dry sense of humor, she likes to hike, garden, and read mysteries, as well as travel.  She once took a train trip across Canada but recommends scheduling time off the train because it gets a bit claustrophobic. Michelle has two adult sons; one is a mechanical engineer and the other is a student.

She is a stockholder of The Trust Company.