Investment Management

Most people have other things they’d rather do than watch the stock tickers, monitor the financial news, and gather the latest investment data. Fortunately, at The Trust Company, that's what we love to do!

Personal investment management is the foundation of what we do. We design and manage a portfolio for each client's unique situation — an assortment of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities carefully assembled from many choices to meet their goals and dreams.

When you meet with us, together we will figure out your risk tolerance, and we will also determine the rate of return you need to meet your goals. How much risk can you tolerate to achieve your financial goals? And how much money do your investments need to make so you can reach those goals?

In addition, we will look at your entire financial picture — your cash flow, your tax situation, your family responsibilities, and your stage of life.

Over time, we will adjust your portfolio in response to current and anticipated market conditions. This allows us to manage both risk and returns for the short term, while maintaining focus on your long-term objectives.

And how do we stay on top of market conditions in the frenetic world of money? With access to high-quality, timely, unbiased information. Because we’re independent, we sift information from a world of authoritative sources and data-gathering partners, ensuring unbiased investment decisions.

The Trust Company follows the principles prescribed by the Prudent Investor Act and Modern Portfolio Theory. We work within a disciplined framework of sound, independent financial advice, quality service and individual solutions. We focus on controlling risk exposure while seeking to achieve superior investment results over the long term.

You’ve got a lot to do every day. Let's talk about how we can take watching the stock ticker off your to-do list, and put it on ours.